Cari Celaya
Greg Celaya

The Good Cookie

Our tagline is “The Good Cookie,” which means more than just sinking your teeth into a cookie with mouth-watering flavor and a moist, chewy texture. It is also about the awesome nutrition carefully designed from wholesome, gluten-free ingredients featured in each cookie. Protein, good fats, fiber, low glycemic sweeteners, greens and mineral salt create lasting energy and blood sugar stability. Throw it in your purse, backpack, or sport bag as a convenient meal or snack on-the-go…or just enjoy as a yummy dessert. Once you start eating a cookie, you’ll be thinking about the next bite and the next cookie.

We originally made these cookies to give our son a healthy energy source for athletics. After his teammates came begging for more, we decided to share them with friends and patients in our functional medicine and nutrition practice. Many requests from not only the gluten-free community but folks who just want a more healthful and sustaining treat made us realize that these comforting, irresistible cookies should be available to everyone.


Cari Celaya

Greg Celaya, DC, MS, CNS, DACBN, CISSN